Sunday, July 20, 2014

SUE's Get hot while its hot update !!

OK I just noticed that in my post I said I wanted to be in a size 10 comfortably by fall
well it is July and I am currently wearing a size 10
I have also noticed that different brands fit differently
in my bigger sizes I was wearing mostly Just my Size brand
or Rider by Lee
I have to say it feels pretty darn good to be in a size 10

SO revised goal
be in a size 8 by the end of Summer

I am starting the 30 day squat challenge with a couple of friends on Monday (July 21st)
Join in if you want

Things have been rough here to get all my walking in
first off my fitbit tracker broke last week
I feel naked without it
I am working with the company to get it replaced

I also started a part time job for the first time in years I am gainfully employed
that took a bit of adjusting my time is not my own and my kids anymore I have days where I have to be places which is cool because I get paid and the job is enjoyable

I am also getting ready for our summer rummage sale
I have been sorting through clothes including all of my "fat" clothes Im getting rid of them
I have posted some of them on a local rummage sale Facebook page
and I will try putting them up on Ebay
cross fingers because selling those will help support my goodwill shopping habit !
and buy me a new winter coat!

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