Portion sizing

This is a biggie
pun intended

I weigh my food on a little cheapo analog food scale
mine looks just like that one I think it might be mine
anywho it was a cheapy thing hubs picked up for me at the local hardware store

big thing here unless you have health restrictions you can basically eat ANYTHING just watch your portions
this means reading labels
this means KNOWING what a real portion looks like
I find this post that I found on Pinterest (follow me there if you wish Sue's Pinterest) to be a very helpful visual aide

Basically make your servings a whole hellova lot smaller than you think a real serving is 
weigh your food wanna know why? different solid foods will fit into a measuring cup differently 
I can fit a lot more shredded chicken into 1/3 of cup than I can diced chicken 
but 3ozs is 3ozs 
log your food 
what is that? 
write it down 
be it in a notebook 
or on a website 
My Fitness Pal is what I use I'm Sue_Stef there 
SparksPeople is another place and there are tons more
 just look for free food log in google 
HOW does this help?
It keeps you accountable to yourself 
mindless eating is a big downfall 
if you have to take the time to write it down you actually SEE how much you are putting in your mouth
if you make yourself take the time to write down everything you eat you stop yourself 
is it worth it
you start to think more about your food 
I know this sounds obsessive and in the beginning it kinda is 
I'm retraining my brain to see things differently
now I'm getting better when I go to slice some cheese for dinner Im pretty good at guessing how much is actually an ounce before I weigh it 
As I get closer to my goal I will have to be more accurate with my weighing so that is when I will get a digital scale
for now my measuring cups and Analog scale work just fine 
BTW hubs got that for me for our anniversary
December 16th marked 18 years being married to him
Love you too babe

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