Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fitbit and why I love it

I have always loved pedometers
Dave laughs at me when I would grab the cheapo 2$ ones from the grocery store end caps but I love them
those are horribly inaccurate
but not bad for a cheapy

For Christmas my MIL gave me a 100$ gift card and I was thrilled
I used it to buy myself a present
I bought
my fitbit

If you do not know what they are go to google
I will give you the basics
a fitbit is a very fancy pedometer
I wear it all the time except when in the shower
and when it is charging
it is a rubber like bracelet that tracks my steps
and it tracks my sleep

The fitbit syncs with the fitbit website and I get to see how Im doing through the day and in relation to my fitbit friends

It also syncs with other sites like My fitness pal so my calories burned through walking count and I can eat a wee bit more ( my biggest problem is getting enough calories and balance sodium intake since I try to eat 1500mg or less of sodium a day)

Other sites it syncs with?
I love the Pact app I get paid money for stuff Im already doing
not much I mean last week I make something like 1.60 but HEY that is 1.60 I did not have before!

I have a fitbit flex
The neat thing about it it is so motivating
especially for a competitive person like me
I have some young dude in my friend list
he keeps topping me
I WILL NOT be topped by some kid
so I hop on my treadmill and blow his punk ass out of the water

NOW for the cost
over $100.00 (tax shipping and what if you want more than one color bracelet?)
is it worth it?

those that know me know I am the cheapest person around
I am cheap and often broke
BUT I attribute much of my success and motivation to this little bracelet
I check the site several times a day
I go for more walks to meet my step goal(which I set myself my current step goal is 15000 steps per day)

I walk all over town
I walk on my treadmill for 45 minutes a day
and if the treadmill is not working I pace my kitchen
there are tons of things I do to get more steps
because I like to see the little lights dance on it and feel it vibrate when I have gotten all my steps
I like seeing that I am number 1 in my friends feed
I can tell you this
BEFORE my fitbit I was not getting a full 10,000 steps a day
not even with doing the Leslie Sansone videos
because those videos while great (and yes they are awesome)
are not enough steps
the video says it is going 4 miles BUT you are not stepping that much
she counts the miles based on the beats per minute of the music
you are not stepping on each beat
It is roughly half the amount of steps

I look at my fitbit like my sports bra
I need something good to give me more support
It is a tool
a fun fun tool

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