Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I love it when people message me and tell me that I am an inspiration
I get it on Twitter a lot
I get it on Facebook
I have had people send me PMs on My Fitness Pal
and my favorite is when people in real life say it to my face!
You know why I love it?
I have always enjoyed making a difference in someones life
my desire has always been to be a positive influence
I love to make others days better
being an inspiration for them to do something more healthy with their lives
makes me feel


So here is my inspiration for you today

do something!
you do not have to keep up with me I have been at this for months
you do not have to train like an Olympian they have been at it for years
you just have to do a little bit more today than you did yesterday
make small choices daily to make a difference in YOUR life

go to bed a little bit earlier
make a healthier meal choice
move a bit more

choose water over any other drink

As these choices start making a difference in how you feel and in how you look AND in how much you weigh you will want to do more

Have a great day !!

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