Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why I weigh myself every day

Changing my attitude about everything has not been easy
and one of the biggest attitudes I had to change was my relationship with the scale
many of us have this
a love hate relationship with
a tool
that is all it is
it is a tool
it has no control
having a digital scale makes it a slightly more accurate tool than my old scale
but it is still a tool
weight fluxuates
it depends on so many things
especially for a woman
water , sodium intake, hormones, clothing , exercise causing water retention, time of day, time of month, the moon etc

so what am I doing weighing myself daily
sounds like torture
I am looking for trends
so long as my weight is trending downwards over the course of a week
then I am doing well

remember this is not about weight 
this is about health

here is an example of a trend
I weighed 185.5 last week
then it "went up" to 187.2
well the day before I had eaten a lot and had walked a lot and had a lot of salt
I KNEW it would go up
so I adjusted
cut back on sodium
watched my snacky tendencies (Almond nut thins are addicting)
today it is 185.2
I weigh myself at the same time daily
and only the downward trend gets recorded

most of all I do not beat myself up over one day
I do not kick the scale or throw it
The scale did nothing to me
this is long term
I will not be derailed by something simple

The difficulty would come if I had gone months at a plateau
I would not be as happy then
but there are other measurements to consider then
the tape measure
how do I feel
how is my blood work

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