Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Diastsis Recti

I believe I have found my reason to not ever do burpees (up downs)

Diastsis Recti
it is caused by abdominal trauma and lets face it 5 pregnancies with babies all over 8lbs on a petite(short) torso is traumatic if you want proof I can put up pics of me pregnant with my assorted children I got as wide as refrigerator. all belly

and when I had them the balloon deflated a bit
I have always been fat
I have always carried my fat in my upper arms and my gut
now what to do about diastsis recti ??

I can't do crunches or situps or planks those only make the mummy tummy worse

shame really Im pretty good at planks

traditional ab work is out
so I have to find other exercises to do for them

I can do squats good thing I am on the last day of the squat challenge

I looked for a 30 day challenge thing for diastsis recti but there are none
I might just have to make one up myself

if I write one up anyone wanna join me?
we can test the 30 day diastasis recti challenge
OR better yet someone else want to write it or find one that we can do? 

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