Monday, March 24, 2014

Josephs Lavash Bread

While shopping for some whole wheat tortillas I found these
it was the 50 calories that caught my eye along with the size of these things
they are about ax big as a cookie sheet!
and I can eat half of one
and it is only 50 calories
and they taste good
the only "bad" thing about them is the salt content
now what can you do with these?
open face sandwiches

Here is one the things I do
I take 3ozs of shredded cooked boneless skinless chicken breast
1oz of goat cheese
1TBS of plain Greek yogurt
I mix that all together
then I spread it out on one half of the Lavash bread
I top it with
diced roma tomato
diced onions
and spinach
sprinkle some Mrs Dash on it
and stick in the oven for a few minutes
pull it out and melt some swiss cheese on top (the 40calorie slices 2 of them)


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