Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sometimes you just gotta crow !

and this week is one of those weeks !

A month ago I went in for my blood work the numbers were all improving etc the weight was down the doctor was shocked
then she had me take a urine test a specific one testing for protein
protein in the urine is a bad sign it can mean several things
among them kidney failure
which can be caused by diabetes
SO if you are a diabetic it is a damn good reason to keep your sugars under control
no matter how much I like to say it
death by chocolate is not a good thing
kidney failure is a long painful drawn out horrible way to die

my urine had high levels of protein
Docs solution
cut back on the protein you are eating
she talked to the nutritionist and the nutritionist said
cut back to 60grams a day

Protein is one of the things I do not limit
I limit everything else
I limit sugar
I limit salt
I limit carbs
I limit fat
if I limit protein
I am an air fern
last time I checked
I am not an air fern

So aside from a day of stomping around my house and bitching to my ever patient hubby and my traumatized kids
I called my MIL
yes I did it I called her
Along with her many talents my MIL was a nurse in a dialysis unit for many years
her comments were simple
you could have any number of things wrong
ould be your posture putting pressure on your kidneys
could be your body not being used to amount of exercise you are doing
or could be you are really a brittle diabetic whose kidneys are about to fail
OR your body could still be expelling all of the bad stuff since you have been working so hard to overcome the bad habits of a lifetime
Moms advice
keep doing what you are doing
and wait to see if the next test shows a better result

I like that advice she gave me permission to stop questioning what I was doing
yes yes hubs said the same thing but MIL is more of an authority figure
I slowed down on the exercise the week before the test
that was the LONGEST MOST boring week ever!
Im actually starting to enjoy exercise (weird I know)
I took the test on Monday 3/10/14
I got a call about the results on Wednesday
The doc sounded all sad and worried
"you are still spilling protein "
I said how much
normal is 30 or below
I am spilling 33
OK not too horrible
she went on to say how I needed to go on meds to prevent any further damage use my glucometer to check my sugars ..ummm
I do not have a glucometer you never wrote a script for one
SO I ask the BIG question
out of curiosity what were my numbers from the first test
yes we did a first test doc this is the second one
she looks
my number on Feb 10 2014 was 57
so in a month I made the number go from
57 to 33 that is a drop of
a lot of numbers
she then changed her tune
I will not have to have this particular test for another 6 months


crow with me folks
my diet and exercise is fixing my bod

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