Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dieters dilema

One of the biggest complaints of dieters (life style changers whatever) is that logging food and counting calories is tedious
not only is it tedious but your life becomes weighing and measuring food
for many this becomes obsession and one tends to get images of an obsessed teen girl in their head

YES at first it can be like this
you will have to count and measure and weigh every bite
and as you get closer to your goal or as your body gets used to eating the smaller amount you will have to change things up to see more results
the body is a strange and adaptable thing like that

One of my favorite tools for this is
My Fitness Pal
I log everything there
while it has its flaws (I would organize some things differently)
it also has stregnths
the biggest being a database of TONS of foods already entered
all you have to do is find your food on their list say how much of it you ate and it logs it
it automatically subtracts all the things from your daily allotment of nutrients and calories

NOW I know some that are saying
I'm too busy to go searching bla blah blah

I get it I do
I have socks to fold too

the neat tools in my fitness pal means you do not have to search for EVERY meal
we are creatures of habit think about what you eat daily
do you have the same thing for breakfast everymorning?
I do
so I can use the "copy yesterday" tool for most of the week
did you make a huge pot of spaghetti and meatballs?
you can enter YOUR recipe figure out how many servings it is and then
log it
you can take something that you eat often
such a I eat tuna melts a lot
I added it all to my meals
after a while you will find that logging food is not as hard
and the obsession over portions is not as hard because you find with time you an indeed tell what one ounce of cheese really is

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