Sunday, February 16, 2014


HI again
This is my why post
It gives you some background on me and my journey so far
Lets get the nitty gritty done with first
I'm 43 female Caucasian American of Irish/random European descent 
I'm 5 foot 2inches tall
I have never in my adult life been at an ideal weight for my height
the last time I was at an ideal weight I was 16 and I was 132lbs at the high end of ideal for my height
I am the mother of 5 boys
Alex age 20
Tim Age18
Zach age 14
Nik age 9
QT age 6
I have been married to my hubs Dave (age 40) forever (together 21 years married 18)
I have had 3 cesarian sections
My family history is full of Cancers smokers emphysema diabetes and vascular disorders
My mother died when she was 47 of an Aneurysm
My Dad died when he was 64 from pancreatic cancer after being type 2 diabetic for over 5 years

NOW when I say I have never been my ideal weight I'm not kidding
I have been considered morbidly obese for years
The highest I have ever weighed was around 270 ish
I usually can bounce between 240 -250 and 200
depends on pregnancy stress and how carefully I'm watching things
is this healthy
I'm not stupid I know it is not healthy
did that change things?
I love food
I love chocolate
I love food that is bad for me
I hate sweating
moving is annoying because I want to read, play on the internet, watch TV , play on pinterest, crochet, sew , research things Im interested in, fold socks, do the dishes that pile up from 7 people constantly wanting to eat,
you get the idea

SO WHY did I change?
In November I found a lump
I showed hubs because I wanted to make sure I was not nuts and that it was indeed there
he felt it too
He made me a doc appointment
They said since it had been a while since I had a check up it was time for blood work
I did the fasting blood work
I got weighed when I went in
I joked with the nurse that is could be worse
She took my blood pressure the cuff never fits my arm well so they have to make sure to have the large cuff
OK you have my attention
then the blood work
A1c was 9.7 that is a test to see the average blood sugar over a three month period normal is 6.0 and lower is considered normal over 6.5 is diabetic
Fasting blood sugar level was 219 normal is under 100
Cholesterol 211 HDL 29 LDL 121 Triglicerides 305

OK you REALLY have my attention
My doctor checked the lump it was there she set up the usual mamogram/ultrasound testing for later that week(the quickest they could get me in)
and then she looked at me with very sad eyes (if you know my doc she is a sweetheart very nice lady a nurse practitioner yes I call her my doc)
she suggested medications
to lower blood pressure
and to deal with my now diagnosis of diabetes
I started to cry
I told her I can't go on meds She knows of my forgetful nature and said something about support and reminders etc
that was not my reason I can't go on meds
because of QT
he is severely autistic and can get into everything
This is a QT selfie he took it with NabiJr he loves taking pics of himself

I'm not kidding locks, no problem
combinations easy, bolts, pill bottles please he knows how to turn off alarms we know we have one on the cabinet where we keep meds.
So that face right there HE is my inspiration. I'm working my ass off literally so that he is not exposed to the meds that could save my life but would end his in a moment of carelessness

The lengths we have gone to keep dangerous deadly household things away from him are no more than others have done including making our own edible cleaners (super easy too)

but that is another post

I begged for 3 months to get my shit together and use diet and exercise to control it. She looked at me and with reservations (because she had probably heard it all before) gave me 2 months 
I had till February 10, 2014 to impress her and save myself.

After my doctor appointment I went home
and I cut the crap
no more eating deli broasted chicken
no more fast food
no more soda
no more ice cream(almost daily)
no more candy (more than once a day)
no more eggs (daily)
no more white bread
no more white rice
no more 2nds 3rds and fourths
no more huge "American" servings

and time to move

I started out with my exercise bike I have a stationary recumbent bike I started out riding it in the morning every morning for 30 minutes
I ate real servings of food
I started out slow with realistic stuff I could do
I drank water I have a one liter bottle I fill it 3 times a day
I cut down to one cup of coffee a day no sugar no milk(I always liked it black anyways)
I drink green tea
I take my vitamins and supplements (when I remember which is mostly everyday)
I monitor my blood pressure at home within a week I started to notice it going down
I started to notice more energy
The scale started to go down
I started to not need a nap in the afternoon just to make it through the day
I started to not have headaches
The swelling in my hands and feet that I did not notice started to go down
I'm still crabby that is just my nature I'm a grump no matter what people think to the contrary

My dear friend Autumn suggested I use Leslie Sansone walk at home videos and I added those instead of the bike to my routine in December early (those are fun)

By the end of December I had dropped 16lbs and my blood pressure was while on the high side much closer to normal than it had been at the beginning of the month
I used my Christmas money I got from MIL and instead of buying my usual stack of Colin Firth or Channing Tatum movies and a couple of books (sorry my writer friends) I bought a fitbit flex (awesome thing well worth the money and THAT is again another post)

December 31 I took a picture of myself

I have another one of me from September taken with QTs Nabijr
and a pic of me and the family take in November
Family pic taken November 2013 back row Zach , Dave, Alex, Tim , Front Row Nik Sue QT
OH and here is a picture of me taken last week because I started doing that December 31 I now take weekly pics front and side
This morning I weighed in at 203.8
You are probably wondering what happened with my blood work on February 10th
my Blood pressure is on the high end of normal my normal is 130/70 it was 140/88 so I am still working on it but it is a hellova lot better than 200/99

my A1c
is a 7.1 considering it includes November when I was still eating like crap and having a daily huge dose of sugar and fat
my cholesterol levels are now normal she said they do not need to be tested again till my appointment next year
The lump in my breast is still there hubs and I have named it Blinky
the doc said there is a minor change in it she will be checking on it again at my next appointment unless I notice more changes , the next step is biopsy and another mamogram and ultrasound the first one did not pick up anything out of the ordinary at all.
and my weight is down 37lbs as of today(February 16, 2014)

My doctor was shocked and had a huge smile on her face and said ONLY you would have that determination to do it how did you do it?

I cut the crap and got moving

THAT is my background story
I still have a LONG way to go
I have another appointment in 3 months for more blood work with my doc my goal is to drop 30lbs by then (I'll be thrilled with 20lbs happy with 15lbs)
OH clothing sizes you might want to note
pants in December were a size 24 womens
now a size 16 womans

IF you have any specific requests or questions give me a comment
If you want punctuation you have come to the wrong place


  1. I love you, Sue! xox - MJ

  2. Right back at you babe ! thanks for pushing me if one person decides to help themselves through this mess I made on the web it will be worth it

    1. Yes! Exactly. xox It looks like you got those tabs. Do you need anything else?

    2. not really just show folks this mess , I'll post stuff as I feel like it depends on what strikes me at the moment. I think I will use the tabs as an organizer and on each page it will have links leading to the posts where things are so people can find stuff easier so on the recipes page it will have links of the recipes leading to posts about them etc

  3. I am in freakin' (cause I don't know if I can swear and I so would if I could..) AWE!

    You rock. Simple as that. I wish you would write a bit about the Fit it Flex ...wonder if it is something I could use...being a bit ...disabled. Gonna Google now.

  4. It is called a FitBit Flex and I will add a post about it since you asked basically it is a a very fancy pedometer / activity tracker/ sleep tracker . I do not know what your disability is. if you need stuff to do that you can do sitting down I can find you things on that.

  5. GO SUE! You have an amazing story. DON'T STOP!

  6. Move with walker, cane, central nervous system disorder and RA in spine as well as DDD. Weak undercarriage and muscle fallout.. Brain works fine though!! Don't eat much and am Celiac so most is whole food and home made, non-processed or refined, but medication and lack of excercise which is difficult because of body and chronic pain, blech, it's a mess...I am mostly home bound and have to do something but the winters are tough. Fallen 'twice in the last few months pretty hard and not looking to repeat. There you have it.

  7. Who needs punctuation when the story is that gripping, moving and inspirational, you go girl, go.... Xxxxx

  8. Can you do upperbody stuff? like slow lifting? check out exercises for those wheelchair bound start out small and work your way up. For the walking move slow and carefully but try to do a little more each day Chronic pain is such a bitch I know so many who suffer with it. Each little step is a victory. I try to eat as little processed food as possible mostly due to watching salt / sugar intake

    1. Yes.... I lack proper motivation....your post is a good kick in my ample ass!! LOL

  9. Thanks Tom ! I appreciate that

  10. Margreet most weight loss and health loss comes from food We have ridiculous ideas about portions in our world super sized everything even good foods is not good for us. being aware is a big deal. Do you log your food anywhere ? do you weigh or measure portions? do you mindlessly snack on even foods that are good for you? You can do it! no matter your limitations. even a small amount of loss will make you feel better if you are overweight. Best of luck my dear and let me know how things are going or if you need another kick in the pants LOL

  11. Smoochies, Sue! Everyone's well & back to school/work, so I'm back at it on Monday. If you don't see me on MFP, kick my arse. I'm going to have M read this--Dr. told him to lose 40 lbs & he's whining about it--claims it's 'impossible'. You're living proof that it's not :) Love you, woman. (This is A--don't know where the hell Google dug up this OLD account name *smdh*)

  12. HEY A how did I not see this? because I am the worlds worst blogger! Tell him it can indeed be done losing weight for women is harder than it is for men especially as we get over 40 . Dave started eating a bit better and moving more a month and a half ago and has dropped 20lbs already he is working on more. It can indeed be done and I cannot say enough about logging your food it sucks at first because you have to build your menu and foods you usually eat, but it works