Monday, February 17, 2014

Healthy Fettuchini Alfredo made with Cauliflower

This recipe has been making the rounds of Pinterest for a while , I am not a fan of vegetables unless they are deep fried and even then I prefer cheese , however Garlic hides a multitude of sins and in my veggie hater opinion this was not too bad. I did not add salt like the recipe calls for I think a pinch of salt would have made it better and taken away that sweet flavor that cauliflower has.

Healthy Fettucini Alfredo

Along with this I made diced chicken and regular alfredo noodles,

I altered the recipe a wee bit because I did not have vegetable broth so I used unsalted Chicken Stock  and I am out of real butter so I used Smart Balance with Flax
The verdict
QT ate 2 bowls full of it
I ate my plate it was not horrific the sauce is a bit sweet but as a vegetable hater it was not awful
Dave really liked it
Zach said it was OK
Alex said MMMMMM (mouth full of food)
Tim said it does not taste like cheese
"There is no cheese in it buddy"
"but but mom... Cheese ...this is weird it is flavorless"
"boy go put Parmesan on it" and there was a dust cloud of Tim going into the kitchen to get cheese
Nik said "it tastes like Nana's clam chowder"

I asked should I make it again?
majority vote says yes

OK the health stuff
we figure this makes about 12, 1 cup servings of sauce
Calories 68g
Carbs 9g
Fat  3g
Protein 5g
Sodium 174mg
Sugar 3g

THAT is just for the sauce that does not count the chicken or the noodles
remember a serving of chicken is 3 oz and a serving of noodles is 1 cup
and yes that picture is my plate and that is a serving I just spread it out on my plate to make it pretty
I also added one TBS of Parmesan cheese to the top of my food

Yes I will make this again for a large family this was a VERY inexpensive dinner we found chicken breasts on sale at a local store and  cauliflower was 99 cents a head on sale at another store
besides you cannot beat 68 calories for a creamy sauce

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