Sunday, February 16, 2014


Hi this is an introduction post to my new blog that hopefully will not get ignored like my other blogs
my goal with this blog is
this one is all for me folks
I will be talking here are things I want to talk about
mostly my getting healthy journey
the whys the how tos etc
I wanted to name this blog cut the crap
because that is what I did
I cut the crap
This is my no bullshit blog
I will not give you any and I will not take any
if you have negative things to say go for it
I will probably laugh that you got upset at something you read on the internet
but hey if it works for you that is cool with me
I'm hoping to get some tabs up at the top so you can easily navigate the blog
things like
progress pictures (I started taking weekly pictures December 31)
and my research into some of this stuff
and I will have links and my reviews of what I think of things I have tried

I have always said if you want to know how to lose weight ask the fat chicks we know how to do it does not mean we will but we know how

NOW here is your disclaimer
I am doing this for me
I am not a doctor
I made these choices because I feel they are what is the best option for ME
since I am not YOU I cannot nor will I make choices for you
If you want to see how I cut the crap
give this little mess without punctuation a follow
and I'll update when I get around to it


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