Sunday, February 16, 2014

Recipe :Tuscan Bread

I love bread
I know everyone says that but I REALLY love bread
I love store bought
I love homemade
I love to make my own
being diagnosed with diabetes / high blood pressure killed that
and I was all
THEN I remembered something I have the power of google at my fingertips
so I did a search
I found out several things
first bread kinda requires salt it is a big sciency baking thing where he salt reacts with the yeast and the glutens in the flour to do the rising thingie

and I found Tuscan Bread
ahhh Tuscany I love you
Here is the link where I found it :
Tuscan Bread

Later this week I plan on making this bread so when I do I will do a video of the process
it is not difficult to make homemade bread if I can do it you can too
no bread machine needed
I do this one by hand
this recipe makes 30 pieces of bread(I did not make round loaves I made french bread like loaves)
here are the health details of the recipe

This is according to the My Fitness Pal recipe maker thing

Calories 67
Carbs 15
Fat 0
Protein 2
Sodium 0
Sugar 0

that is for one piece of homemade deliciousness
I need to double and triple check that however all that goes into this recipe is
white flour

This kind of bread is a crusty rustic thing that is used for soaking up rich sauces
I use it when I make soup
and I butter it
with Smart Balance "butter" or a little bit of real butter
I also add herbs to it like Mrs Dash garlic and herb blend
This would also make a great bread for those fancy olive oil herb dips
this bread would make great bread sticks
Stay tuned later in the week for the video
OK here is the worlds worst cooking videos the first one is the steps in making the sponge

I will upload the next step later
It is later!

and yes there are lots of videos on this because I am not a production company
This next one is me kneading the bread do I do it strange? yes ! do I care? no
and I have no idea what this next one is
I think it is me spraying the bowl with oil you really want one of those oil sprayers 
they are great!
An hour has past and the bread has risen and QT has also attacked the dough ball
This is getting the dough ball ready for the oven  
Spraying water on the bread while in the oven it does something good to the crust read the more specific directions on the recipe link I just do what that tells me

My last very articulate description of the bread "so um yeah"

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